Terms and Conditions

In these “Terms and Conditions” You is to be interpreted as the client who has made the booking and all participants the client is bringing with him in his private group. 
We are any of the guides or staff members you have made contact with through this website.

Courses and Activities
Our guides will always do their best to help you fulfill your Skiing/Snowboarding/mountaineering objectives while minimizing all possible dangers

All guides reserve the right to change proposed venue, mountain objective, route or activity booked should we believe that continuing with the proposed itinerary would place you, any course member and/or guides at undue risk due to unfavorable weather conditions and/or client ability. This applies to all courses and activities.

Booking Procedure

We always take bookings from private groups, thus only occasionally have public groups you can join or have the possibility to hook you up with a climbing/skiing partner for any of our courses. 
We will answer your request by email and suggest a course program and available dates. Payment details, due dates for deposit and final payment, and cancellation conditions will also be sent to you by email, once dates and activities are agreed upon.

You will need to respond to this by sending us your contact information and the deposit (unless agreed otherwise) to secure your booking.

We can only hold unconfirmed bookings for a limited time. Until deposit is paid, or if you fail to make final payments on time, we reserve the rights to cancel you booking and refund you according to the cancellation conditions we emailed you.


1 Amendments relating to the services which GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES is to provide must be confirmed in writing, signed by you or any authorised member of your group. Such amendments will come into effect on the day they are received by GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES. You agree to indemnify GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES for any reasonable expenses incurred in making an amendment whether or not GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES succeeds in confirming your request.
2 GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES cannot accept any change of dates once your booking is confirmed. If you arrive and take occupancy of the property during the booking period for a shorter period than that specified this will not reduce the Booking Price or entitle you to any discount


1 We reserve the right to advise you of changes to your booking (other than date changes) both before and after you make a reservation. An amendment made prior to departure which is deemed to be significant by GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES acting reasonably (for example a change in accommodation) gives you the right to cancel the holiday if you choose to do so. Should you cancel in such circumstances you will receive a full refund (excluding any additional services).
2 GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES will not be liable for any expenses, costs or losses incurred by you as a result of any change. GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES shall not be liable for any refund should GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES be forced to cancel or change your holiday due to circumstances amounting to force majeure. Such circumstances shall include, but are not limited to, war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorism, industrial disruption, natural disasters, fire, technical problems, adverse weather, governmental action and similar events beyond our control.


Should you need to cancel a confirmed booking, you must notify us by email with appropriate reason. The reason for cancellation should and must match with our Cancellation Policies. We will refund you according to the cancelation conditions agreed upon and there may be deduction of some amount from you as cancellation charges*. {See Below}
We will not cancel your booking once confirmed, except if the weather does not permit any, for you, interesting activities. We will then cancel the day (upon mutual agreement between you and your guide) and refund you the guiding fee for that day. 


1 Any cancellation will come into effect on the day on which written or email notice (the “Cancellation Notice”) is received by GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES. Following any cancellation you will remain liable to GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES for the Cancellation Amount (as defined below by reference to the date on which the Cancellation Notice is received by GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES). To the extent that you have paid a deposit or the full balance, you will be refunded the lesser of (i) the amount paid by you to GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES and (ii) the full booking cost after deducting the Cancellation Amount (as defined below), with the proviso that GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES will use its reasonable endeavours to find an replacement booking and if GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES succeeds in doing so then you will be refunded in full with minimal cancelation amount.

2 For the above purposes, the cancellation amount (the “Cancellation Amounts”) shall be the amount specified below: 
(a) Cancellation Notice received by GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES on a date falling more than 10 weeks before arrival: 25% of the full booking cost;
(b) Cancellation Notice received by GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES between the date falling 10 weeks and the date falling 8 weeks before arrival: 50% of the full booking cost
(c) Cancellation Notice received by GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES between the date falling 8 weeks and the date falling 6 weeks before arrival: 70% of the
full booking cost
(d) Cancellation Notice received by GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES between the date falling less than 6 weeks before arrival: 100% of the full booking cost.
3.3 Depending on the reason for your cancellation, you may be able to reclaim these charges under the terms of your insurance policy.

3 Please note that any additional services that may have been booked by GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES at your request (such as ski schools, ski guides,
transfers and other arrangements) are not covered by these conditions and are subject to cancellation terms of the individual service supplier. You hereby agree to indemnify GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES of any cost or expenses incurred by it in relation to the cancellation of any such services on your behalf, whether or not such services are cancelled in conjunction with your GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES chalet booking or independently of such booking. 
3.5 We cannot be held responsible for weather and snow conditions, consequently, any cancellation made by you for lack of snow will be subject to our standard refund conditions set out above.


1 In all cases, GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES reserves the right to cancel your holiday for the dates you have reserved for reasons outside of its control. This is extremely unlikely, but should this event occur you will be fully refunded.
2 If you fail to pay the balance of the booking price or other costs before the due dates, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation (unless we agree otherwis


1 Your credit card details will be required by way of security deposit upon your arrival in resort. Your card will not be charged unless GULMARG ALPINE GUIDES suffers any loss or expense in providing the services you require and such loss or expense has not been paid for by you on departure, or unless we receive an instruction from you to charge your credit card for the payment of services requested by you.


It is your own responsibility to decide on the level of insurance you wish to have. The following information is intended as a guide only. We accept no responsibility for costs incurred that are not covered by your insurance.
We highly recommend that you have:
– a mountain rescue insurance; covering helicopter rescue, first medical expenses and hospitalization costs in case of an accident during the intended activity. This can be obtained from most national alpine clubs including by searching over Internet:
– a holiday cancellation insurance; Since this will be a very active holiday even small things, such as stomach problems or a sprained ankle, could make it impossible for you to participate.

Acknowledgement of Risk
The client(s) hereby acknowledges that climbing, mountaineering and skiing are hazardous activities with the risk of serious injury or death, and accept all risks associated with activities in mountainous terrain and high altitude. 
Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the negligence of your guide, none of our guides or staff members will be made liable neither for any illness, injury, death, loss or material damage that you may suffer in connection with this activity, nor for any failure by the client to take out adequate insurance.